Het Veem Theater is an Amsterdam based International co-production platform for contemporary performing arts. Het Veem Theater stands for a group of excellent professional performance makers, yearly program, (inter)national partnerships and a physical space on west dock of IJ channel.


Het Veem Theater
Van Diemenstraat 410
1013 CR Amsterdam
3rd floor

Het Veem Theater
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Alma Söderberg

Diego Gil

Janneke Raaphorst

Jolika Sudermann

Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Menno Vroon

Norberto Llopis Segarra

Rodrigo Sobarzo

Sarah van Lamsweerde

Simon Tanguy

Sudermann & Söderberg

Zhana Ivanova

  1. 18 December

    SO SORRY special guests: Markus Balkenhol, Quinsy Gario, Anke Bangma, Noha Ramadan, Lea Martini, Olivia Reschofsky

  2. 17 January

    Knock down the entrance door of the cinema Esther Arribas and Matías Daporta

  3. 30 January

    Experiment#3 IMPRO JAM Fernando Belfiore

  4. 10 February

    []remoTe sense[] Rodrigo Sobarzo

  5. 11 February

    []remoTe sense[] Rodrigo Sobarzo