Het Veem Theater is an Amsterdam based International co-production platform for contemporary performing arts. Het Veem Theater stands for a group of excellent professional performance makers, yearly program, (inter)national partnerships and a physical space on west dock of IJ channel.


Het Veem Theater
Van Diemenstraat 410
1013 CR Amsterdam
3rd floor

Het Veem Theater
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Alma Söderberg

Diego Gil

Janneke Raaphorst

Jolika Sudermann

Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Menno Vroon

Norberto Llopis Segarra

Rodrigo Sobarzo

Sarah van Lamsweerde

Simon Tanguy

Sudermann & Söderberg

Zhana Ivanova

  1. 24 October

    PEOPLE IN A FIELD Simon Tanguy

  2. 25 October

    PEOPLE IN A FIELD Simon Tanguy

  3. 26 October

    PEOPLE IN A FIELD Simon Tanguy

  4. 27 October

    Mezze Talk: PEOPLE IN A FIELD Simon Tanguy, Janneke Raaphorst, Daniel Schorno

  5. 19 November

    The Performance Formerly Known As Performance or Camouflaging Kelly Try-out Lisa Vereertbrugghen

10 September

Predictions – Zhana Ivanova

By invitation of Land Art Live Zhana Ivanova presents the performance Predictions on Sunday September 14th at 15:00. The function of a ‘cosmic compass’ intended in Morris’ Observatory (1977) serves as a starting point